Dash Yellow - Honda Number Boards

Premium quality number boards, ready to ship in less than 24 hours.


Set includes: 

Front Number Plate

2x Side Number Plate


Choose your bike make / model and don't forget to include your number and name.

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  • Všetky balíky poisťujeme na 100% krytie Všetky balíky poisťujeme na 100% krytie
  • Zdarma poštovné na všetky dizajny Zdarma poštovné na všetky dizajny
  • Dotlač so zľavou 20% Dotlač so zľavou 20%

KIT INCLUDES:Side Number Plates, Front Number Plate

ORDER PROCESS:When the order is received, we arrange the design as you have ordered it and email you a proof for your confirmation. Once confirmed the kit will be printed and shipped with highest priority to you. The shipment is usually dispatched in 48 hours and should arrive to you within one week.

QUALITY:All Motard Design Graphics are printed with highetst quality DPI and laminated with the most durable materials available on the market. Typically each kit should easily get a full season of riding, without the kit being worn out, when not damaged mechanically by crash. We use the state-of-the-art equipment, our printers with 4 or 8 colour cartidges are the best that is available in the printing industry. We use CMYK colouring schemes and can reproduce the exact colour better than the rest of our competitors. This unprecedented approach allows us to achieve eye-candy effect and always provide the result with unparalleled precision.

Please Note: Final design may not be identical to that in the product photo. Slight changes such as line angles and/or fine detail may be changed for different models of bike, any changes will be barely noticeable but may be required (seat covers and / or plastics must be purchased separately, are not a part of this product).

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