Motard Design

Our Company was founded in 2016, we are located in Slovakia, a small country in Central Europe.

We are motorcycle enthusiasts, active members of slovak supermoto and superbike racing teams, who are offering the highest quality motorcycle stickers for unbeatable prices and with fast service. For us, its always important to deliver:

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Next business day response time

Our team


Founder Erik Samak

As a Motard racer, Erik has always inclined to motorcycling, ever since he was young, in motocross as well as other categories. Founding a graphics studio was the best thing to do, when it came to work. Now when not on race track, the race is going on in designers business.


The graphics kit looks sick. I love it. Will make my bike very fast! :-D

Brett S., Australia

Super product. (*thats all the customer said)

Arve I., Norway